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Restoring Instead Of Tearing Down

by Veronica Chang | Travel
17 Oct 2017

We spend most of our time indoors. And that’s reason enough to care for a sustainable and climate ...

Nature Always Reveals Who Can See It - Kaleos Eyehunters

by Veronica Chang | News
11 Oct 2017

As long as there will be eyes to behold it, there is an open book in front of us: Nature. Blind min...

Before The Last Petal Falls - Apu Jan Spring/Summer 2018

by Veronica Chang | Catwalk Shows
7 Oct 2017

In this season Apu Jan tries to convey his thoughts on short-lived flowers and their withering. In a...

Heels Empower Women In A Way - Alzúarr

by Veronica Chang | Fashion Trends
3 Oct 2017


Hello Autumn - Vacation for People with Sun in Their Hearts

by Veronica Chang | Travel
22 Sep 2017

We have already felt it last week. Autumn is coming. This is a great time for sustainable travel opp...

Essex Girl - Nicola Brindle Spring/Summer 2018

by Veronica Chang | Catwalk Shows
20 Sep 2017

Essex Girl represents the defiant rebel in all of us. She is electric and disarming, she is a superh...

Spot Eudon Choi SS18 in the Backstage

by Veronica Chang | Catwalk Shows
19 Sep 2017

For this season, EUDON CHOI has collaborated with New York-based jewellery designer, Chris Habana. T...

The Real Woman and Her Wardrobe - Paula Knorr Spring/Summer2018

by Veronica Chang | Catwalk Shows
17 Sep 2017

Originally hailing from Mainz, Germany, womenswear designer Paula Knorr lives and works in London. T...